Benefits of Our Programs, Methodology, and Hardware

Benefits of Our Programs 1. The students/ trainees love this type of training – they find it easy and enjoyable.
2. List Premier's training/teaching Methodology captures the full attention and focus of
     every student.
3. Content is easily understood and absorbed into long term memory.
4. Retention rate (long term memory) has been seen to be as high as 94%.
5. Communication skills are developed.
6. Enhances the self-esteem of learners.
7. Develops leadership skills.
8. Verbalization is important for the understanding of content.
9. The focal point in the class is the Touch Board. The trainer/teacher is free to focus on the
     students/ trainees.
10. Knowledge enrichment takes place through the application of knowledge.
11. Entry points for long term memory that we make use of:

a) Visual – see;
b) Auditory – listen/ hear;
c) Kinaesthetic – feel and do;
d) Reinforcement (for long term memory) – activities and exercises;
e) Communication – with peers and superiors.

Methodology and Hardware

12. Program is worker/student centred not teacher/trainer centred. This means it is designed to ensure the student (possible future trainer) gets the most from the course.
13. Interactive training on Touch Boards is the future of teaching/training.
14. The programs are structured and based on the client's curriculum requirements. The exact information you want is there.
15. The trainer/teacher can provide additional content and context, sharing their experience and maintaining a high level of relevance.
16. The programs can be tailored to the client's needs, including being presented in any written or spoken language.
17. The learning and training is "hands- on" and "minds- on".
18. The current, and especially the next generation of 'digital native' students, personnel, and workers are growing up with computers, e- books, ipads, tablets,
      smart phones, video games. Technology is a part of their life and unless material is presented to them in familiar forms they will fail to learn, traditional
      training/teaching methods are no longer effective.