Interactive Software Program for the Modern Day Sunday School

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The first of its kind this Interactive Software program is an excellent program for churches and schools. Shine! is a children’s Christian Sunday School program designed to teach children (5-12 years) to know God of the Bible and to engage with the Gospel Message.InteractiveSundaySchoolProgram

Our children are exposed to a visual and technically advanced world. Traditional teaching and education styles do not appeal to them or enhance their craving for learning. Shine! presents the Bible in a technologically familiar way to children, embracing the modern technology making learning fun and enjoyable, ensuring that the children reach their full potential.

Prof. Dr. DeBeer: “Our focus is on optimising function, ability, well-being, productivity, talents and opportunity to boost learning as a life-long process.”

“Thousands of real-life learning worlds unfold in front of the students. They see, hear, think, and talk. It’s almost as if they can step inside these learning worlds.”

“Our Software, Programs, and Methodology are designed to lead students to engage in practical learning situations and opportunities to develop their intellectual, emotional and creative expression.”

  • Shine! is Biblically based and does not support any one denominational or doctrinal view but is ecumenical in its approach.
  • Interactive education methodology which ensures children’s attention is captured and retained.
  • The program can be facilitated by anyone with a reasonable aptitude and passion for teaching the Word of God.
  • The program is student centred – it is designed to let the student get the biggest advantage.
  • To develop a greater sense of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as the Holy Trinity.
  • To lay the foundations of becoming and being a proud and committed Christian.

For more information visit our website: www.listpremier.com and click on the Shine! logo.

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