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In 2013, Interactive Education Pioneering company, List Premier Education, will be releasing the first season of two new exciting children’s programs. The Language Development Program and the Enrichment Program.

The Enrichment Program:

  • The target audience is English speaking children, and English as a second language students keen to learn and develop their knowledge of various disciplines of science such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, as well as puzzles, communication, creativity, problem solving, basic arithmetic, technology, cultures, first aid, hygiene, etc. This program is also recommended for non- English speaking adults to improve their English language and general English scientific terminology.
  • The age group: 3 to 16, and even adults!
  • Benefits of program- Enriches the mind through filling it with useful, rich, amazing, interesting, and exciting knowledge and concepts. The program encourages creativity, problem solving, exploring, and learning. This program is a must for generating an early interest amongst youngsters in the areas of science and engineering.
  • The Purpose of the program is to expand the knowledge and understanding of scientific principles through fun and engaging content and better preparing the students for life and further study.
  • Complex concepts and information is made simple, interesting, and fun.

The Language Development Program:

  • The target audience is English speaking children, English as a second language and non-English speaking adults keen to learn and develop their competency and skills in the English language and to prepare them for life.
  • The age group: from 3 to adult. Anyone can benefit!
  • Benefits of program- builds confidence, development of language competencies and skills, such as life skills, builds confidence (self esteem), leadership skills, communication skills (regarding peers and adults), team work, creativity, critical thinking, lateral thinking, concentration, focus, problem identification, problem solving, visual perception, auditory perception, spatial orientation, knowledge enrichment, application of knowledge, retention rate. Furthermore it develops a solid understanding of grammar, using grammar in real life, increasing vocabulary, grammar rules, practical exercises, vocabulary and sentence patterns, situational English, reading English, language and sentence structures
    pronunciation and presentations, discussions, formulating questions and statements.
  • The purpose of program- to give children a solid English language foundation to set them up for life. To make learning English fun, rewarding, and lasting.
  • About the program- this program is essentially an English program that teaches grammar, vocabulary, sentence building, presentations, and knowledge enrichment through cross curricular activities (e.g. maths, science, geography).

The programs are designed to capture the attention of students and to retain it. The children relate well to the stories and characters used. It is easy for children to understand and to apply new knowledge. Children enjoy the program. The animation and interactive content is the latest in technology and yet familiar and popular amongst children.

Both programs are introduced by 11, 5 minute long beautiful and funny 3D animated cartoons following the many adventures of various African creatures.

The software programs use List Premier’s interactive methodology and philosophy which creates various entry points into the mind through various methods such as audio, visual, and kinaesthetic content.Interactivesoftware

List Premier Education’s new interactive educational software for school aged children makes learning fun.

If you wish to be part of these exciting programs we would like to encourage you to become a licensee or distributor for List Premier. For more information please visit: www.listpremier-licence.com

Stay tuned to learn to the beat of Jungle Beat!

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