Development of New (Custom) Interactive Touch Board Programs

List Premier can develop fully customised programs for any client, when an agreement has been made. List Premier offers to use any or all existing training curriculums or trade material required by a client to develop custom programs. This information is then converted into fully customised interactive training programs. List Premier's training, learning, and educational programs can be used by: Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Industrial, Defence, Emergency Services, Corporations, and Businesses, etc. for: –

1. Workplace health and safety – using the Interactive Touch Board will allow safety training to be conducted and refreshed in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises and activities.

2. Vocational and Technical training – using the Interactive Training will allow technical programs to be received in a safe and controlled environment before conducting practical exercises. Complicated theory is made simple through the vast array of media offered. For example, a student studying electronics can see the global overview, touch it in order to open it, examine a motor or part, virtually take it apart, reassemble it, - all in a safe environment.

3. Core skills training – using the Interactive methodology will allow initial induction and safety training to be presented in a safe and controlled environment with a guaranteed consistent quality standard, with minimal training required for facilitators.

4. The system is compatible with any training need or requirement and particularly effective in the mining, petroleum, gas, defence or construction industries. Even language training can be provided to ensure that communication on the work site is effective and fully understood – whatever the native language of the workers. List Premier has already developed language training packages to teach English to Chinese students. In addition, topics such as cultural awareness, workplace harassment, racial diversity, alcohol and drug awareness programs, can also be developed.

5. Visitor induction programs – Visitors to mine, defence and manufacturing sites can be briefed on security, rules and regulations, mandatory safety procedures and general information, in a fun, informative, and controlled environment.

6. Induction and Orientation programs for mines, factories, defence, or construction sites.