About List Premier

Marketing Opportunities List Premier Education Pty Ltd® is a world leader in developing Industry Recognised Interactive Training Programs presented using Interactive Touch Boards or Data Projectors, in a classroom environment, facilitated by a certified trainer/teacher; or as a self paced learning program. List Premier has designed programs for the Mining Industry, Education Departments, Vocational Education Organisations, and the Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET – "education and training for work"). These programs are being used all over the world. We are very excited to introduce our brand new program called the Jungle Beat Child Development and Enrichment Program.

Global Expansion

With the new Licence & Distributor model fine-tuned and ready, List Premier is now launching itself into a global expansion programme. The goal is to deliver advanced technology with a unique holistic approach towards children's education and adult industry training. We are seeking new applications from suitable candidates (individuals and companies) to become our Master Licensees, Learning Centre Licensees and/ or Licensed Distributors.

Attention Publishers and Book Sellers

The Jungle Beat Interactive Program was only completed in March 2014 and we have already signed agreements with multiple publishing companies worldwide to distribute our interactive training programs and the i-LIST to schools and kindergartens.

Publishing Companies have always had a great relationship providing books and supplies to schools and kindergartens. Nowadays, however, most schools and kindergartens either have or want to have large interactive hardware (like a touch board). But more importantly, they are looking for proper high quality software to use on the touch board. They are less interested in printed books.

Maintain and expand your network of customers now and for the future by providing them with modern and quality interactive educational solutions.

The Founder and Executive Chairman

List Premier was established 15 years ago, focusing on school based programs. The Executive Chairman, Professor Doctor Johann DeBeer is considered the "father" of interactive training programs presented on Interactive Touch Boards or Screens. As such, List Premier is a pioneer in the field of interactive education and training, and is at the cutting edge of training technology.

Professor Doctor Johann DeBeer

Marketing Opportunities CEO and Founder of List Premier Education Pty Ltd, Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer is an internationally renowned expert in special education and teacher's training. He is recognised throughout the world for his contributions to higher education and for elevating the performance standards of students of all ages. Prof. DeBeer holds Doctorate Degrees in Literature (Linguistics) D. Litt and Educational Philosophy (PhD), as well as a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Prof. DeBeer has served as an educational consultant and advisor to a number of government education departments, private schools and universities. Prof. DeBeer received an Honorary Professorship Award at the NCIST (North China Institute for Science & Technology) for his work on a Mine Safety Training Program in Mandarin (Chinese) language.
He has been a keynote speaker, corporate consultant, advisor, TV guest speaker, and curriculum developer for an impressive list of educational corporations, world education councils and private education groups worldwide.

A few quotes from Prof. Dr. DeBeer:

"Our focus is on optimising function, ability, well-being, productivity, talents and opportunity to boost learning as a life-long process."
List Premier Software offers a holistic solution that places all required resources at the teacher's or trainer's fingertips while giving the teacher, or trainer, all the freedom required to be innovative and individualistic."