The List Premier Training Philosophy and Methodology

Marketing Opportunities Prof. Johann DeBeer has developed educational and training programs, curricula and the methodology used by thousands of students around the world. As a Professor in teacher's training, his role was to create effective teaching methods. During the late twentieth century, Johann started to focus on Interactive White Board (IWB) education, and was able to link critical educational aspects to the feasibility of the IWB.

List Premier Software, with an integrated educational system and methodology is visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic by nature. This allows students at different levels and with different learning styles to be taught, and to provide encouragement through instant positive reinforcement.

The running time for each CD Rom module/ lesson is ±1 hour, but the delivery time for a lesson can be anything between 2 and 4 hours of intensive training/teaching depending on the chosen pace, the number of students in the class, and the amount of individual student involvement. Modules/lessons are filled with structured content, supported by images, animation, voice, and interactive activities on the Touch Board.

Thousands of trainers/educators around the world use List Premier's software with their interactive Touch Boards. Additionally thousands of excited and engaged students are learning with our hands-on-minds-on activities.

Marketing Opportunities