Why List Premier

The resistance to new techniques is a reality in education and training. Education and training traditionally don't keep pace with the latest technology and accompanying methodologies. Even in areas where trainers have access to the latest technology, they only use it to a fraction of its potential. Interactive screens tend to be used for little more than power point presentations. This is not the most effective way to generate understanding and retention of content - 'life long learning'. To be successful a revolution in training is needed.

List Premier is an established company, meeting the training needs of various Mining Groups, Departments of Education, VET Organisations and Franchise Organisations worldwide. We develop cutting edge training software specifically designed to make the most of any of the existing Interactive Screens. We have a range of existing programs and specialise in developing custom programs to vastly enhance the effectiveness of existing teaching/training and lead our clients into the future.

CEO and Founder of List Premier Education Pty Ltd, Prof. Dr. Johann DeBeer is an internationally renowned expert in special education and teacher's training. He has brought an In-depth understanding and proven success in the development of training software List Premier offers superior solutions to fit seamlessly with any training needs. By using interactive software and screens, training becomes sustainable, streamlined, efficient and cost effective. Better trained students/workers help organisations meet the practical challenges of reducing operational costs. This, in turn, helps to improves efficiency, increase profitability and promotes a healthier bottom line.